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Would have been nicer if it was actually finished, instead of just stopping like that.

NitoLR responds:

yeah my first upload i will be finishing the vid have more ideas just had make sure they were solid and planned out.

VERY beautifully animated, has a great art style, nice pacing, and it kept my attention throughout,
while also being entertaining. The ending was also well done.

Keep working on it, the potential is there.

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A classic. This game was my shit when I was younger, I swear weisi, you make some stylish ass
games that play very well. Good job.

I'm sorry, I wanted to enjoy this game, but the way the cars handle is just, fucking clunky.
The drifting makes no fucking sense, whenever I tried to drift it would just send me into
a wall 9 times out of 10. The music was just fine, as it reminds me of ridge racer.
Also, the graphics are amazing ESPECIALLY for a flash game. Seriously, they are STUNNING.
All in all, good attempt, but it falls flat. Either that or I'm just doing it wrong, which if I am,
tell me and I WILL give it another shot.

An amazing and well made game. Everything in this is executed great, the art and gameplay especially.
What really makes this game is the sound, everything about it enhances the experience, and makes
you feel like the world really is ending while making a foray into a dark madness. I was wearing my
skullcandies and, Oh man. Simply put the art and sound have depth, ambience, and a creepy feel,
while solid gameplay makes the entire thing feel robust.

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this was fucking legend my friend, I'm just saiyan.


This is just great! I really hope someone uses this in a flash, it's definitely worthy of it!

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A boat worthy of the gods.

I see, this is supposed to represent how the races and cultures of the world are blending and mixing
together and unifying us more and more. It also shows us that right and wrong aren't entirely black
and white. There is always grey. Patriarchy. Lesbians. Dayjobs. So deep.

So deep inside me.

I see, this is a statement about social hierarchy and the strife of the common man.
The shade of orange used here is like the ember of our capitalist superficial ways, but changing.
It's not red, nor is it yellow, but orange. It is in the middle, just like you were as a child in Africa.

In technicolor



in the way

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